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A Drive Journey Through New England Streets Shows Its Myriad Architectural Wonders

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Boston Airport Taxi Cab: The states of Hampshire and Vermont in New England are a treat for architectural fanatics, with awesome examples from the nineteenth century. In case you observe the map of recent England, you may right away notice that alongside being heavily forested, it’s also lavishly hydrated. Rivers run via the states of […]

Traffic Advisory for Saturday, November 5 – Sunday, November 6, 2022

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Image Credits- Boston Traffic Ted Williams Tunnel Boston Airport Taxi Cab would like to extend the traffic advisory issued by MBTA. The events happening within The City of Boston will bring certain parking restrictions as well as street closings. Participants at these events are advised to walk, cycle or take public transport. The information on […]

Climate Change Protesters Block Traffic In Downtown Boston Plan more Disruptions

Boston Airport Taxi Cab would like to inform our readers that climate change protesters who blocked the roads in Boston Wednesday morning have said that further disruptions are in the works. 15 protesters were detained for trespassing and disruptive behavior after the protest was a blockade on Seaport Boulevard for about an hour. All those […]