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Climate Change Protesters Block Traffic In Downtown Boston Plan more Disruptions

Boston Airport Taxi Cab would like to inform our readers that climate change protesters who blocked the roads in Boston Wednesday morning have said that further disruptions are in the works. 15 protesters were detained for trespassing and disruptive behavior after the protest was a blockade on Seaport Boulevard for about an hour. All those […]

Scare at Logan airport after two Planes collide

Logan International Airport in Boston was the site of a plane collision involving a Delta flight. Photos of the aftermath show damage to the wing of the Delta plane Friday Evening. In an incident at Massachusetts’ Logan Airport, a Delta aircraft hit the wing of another plane while both were at gates. No passengers were […]

Boston and the 2024 Olympics

The race for the Olympics is on with a bid being tendered from Boston, Massachusetts for the year 2024. Boston boasts an embryonic organizing committee which is feverishly pitching the concept of perfection that is the pairing of Boston and the Olympics. Some of the advantages of Boston being touted are the existing infrastructure, the […]

Drunk Driver in Hyde Park charged with OUI in crash that left passenger dead

Authorities told the press about a drunken driver who allegedly got a woman killed and left the crime scene. He was already facing charges of operating under substance abuse. Gregory Colandris of Hyde Park was brought before West Roxbury District court and booked under the charges of operating under influence and left the scene of […]