7 Best Hollywood Movies Of 2016 To watch Before The Year Ends

2016 has given us some really wonderful movies about love, life and success. These movies narrate powerful stories through strong characters and exceptionally talented actors. Here is a list of seven best movies of 2017 that you just can’t afford to miss.!

1.     La La Land

Director: Damien Chazelle

One of the most gorgeous movies of the year, La La Land revolves around Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) who come together because of their common desire to do what they love. They both feel the burden of decision-making as success begins to mount. As their love ascends, they feel a threat of losing their grip on success. The movie can be best described as a modern song-dance wonder that has incredible depth and fiery imagination.

2.     Moonlight

Director: Barry Jenkins

Moonlight is as bright and gleaming as the title itself. It’s about a man who is on the journey to self-discovery across three defining chapters in his life. The man has a dysfunctional home life and he comes of age in Miami. It the time when “War on qwertyuDrugs” era prevailed and he we see him grapple with his own sexuality as he feels emotions like pain,ecstasy, and beauty of falling in love. The film is a masterpiece that throws light on the modern society and culture and their alarming elements.

3.     Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Director: TaikaWaititi

The story shows how a rebellious kid’s life changes after he gets a new foster family in the New Zealand countryside. Just when he feels at ease and loved, a new threat brings a tragic turn and fear of losing the new home. This leads to a national search for a man and his uncle who got lost in the bush. Just as the synopsis suggests, the movie is hilarious and at the same time adventurous to provide you the right amount of warmth and great lessons on human relationships.

4.     Manchester by the Sea

Director: Kenneth Lonergan

Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) finds himself to be the only guardian of his nephew Patrick after the death of his brother Joe. He has to resign from his job as a janitor in Boston and come back to Manchester-by-the-Sea, the fishing village where his working-class family has lived for generations. He is then forced to face his past that separated him from his community and wife.

5.     Everybody wants some!!

Director: Richard Linklater

This is a perfect comedy film that you should watch to de-stress. If you are a sports lover, then it’s going to be an added advantage. It’s a film about a popular baseball team in the ’80s. The players of this team live their life to the fullest with success and sex and enjoy their popularity. They are all young and attractive players who want everything in life but then life happens! The age comes when it’s time for them to take their responsibilities and they now have to prepare themselves for a game called life!

6.     Hell or High Water

Director: David Mackenzie

Toby is a divorced father who wants to give his son a better life. Tanner, his brother, is an ex-convict known for a loose trigger finger and short temper and. Both the brothers plan a series of heists together against the bank they’re going to lose their family ranch to. But Marcus, a Texas Ranger who is about to retire in a few weeks makes the task more challenging for them. And yet they are determined to execute their robbery plans!

7.     Fences

Director: Denzel Washington

It’s a story about a garbage collector named Troy Maxson who regrets losing a great opportunity to start a potential career in baseball. While the color barrier was lifted in sport, he had already crossed the age limit required to be on the field. He could never get successful as a result of that great loss. Due to this failure, he becomes a bitter man who vents his frustration on his near once and he even destroys a football opportunity for his own son.


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