Climate Change Protesters Block Traffic In Downtown Boston Plan more Disruptions

Boston Airport Taxi Cab would like to inform our readers that climate change protesters who blocked the roads in Boston Wednesday morning have said that further disruptions are in the works.

15 protesters were detained for trespassing and disruptive behavior after the protest was a blockade on Seaport Boulevard for about an hour. All those arrested were later released on bail, according to authorities, and will appear in court in the coming days. The group calling itself “Extinction Rebellion” declared that they are fighting against inaction regarding climate change.

A spokesperson on behalf of the City Mayor Michelle Wu said the group did not seek permits to hold protests this week from the city.

Chambers said that they did not seek any permits to stage demonstrations and didn’t plan to.

The Wu administration was able to rely on the police on the way to more traffic disruptions in the coming week while the officers, in line with the norm in the agency, chose not to discuss their strategy in the future.

It’s actually an organization that Wu is a part of, which has been focusing on the “Green New Deal” language since her time as a city councilor and later mayor was part of in the year 2019, in which she posted “Taking to the Congress St bridge” and was tagged Extinction Rebellion Boston alongside a video of a demonstration at the bridge which was adjacent to where Boston police arrested protesters on the morning of Wednesday.

One of Boston Airport Taxi Cab’s clients complained about the way protest is being held and handled by authorities. According to her, it all falls upon people who are using the road, often such protests end in traffic jams and road rage cases. It does not make her happy¬†

In response to questions about the strategy of seeking to close down important roads, Wu was focused on the environmental message that the obstructors are trying to convey.

“I sense the urgency many activists feel, and we’re trying as hard as we can each day to ensure that Boston is a city that Boston is moving quickly,” Wu said.

However, she said “Public safety and the ability to ensure that everyone is safe on our roads is a major concern. Therefore, I am confident that we could have resolved that issue today and ensure that the roads will open to traffic so that people can go to work.”

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