Dorchester car collision involving police vehicle leave 3 hurt

On the evening of Monday, there was a head-on collision involving a Chevrolet Impala and a police transport vehicle. The crash occurred in Dorchester on Boston Street and reports by the police stated that there were no fatal injuries.

As stated by the Boston police spokesman, Officer James Kenneally, the two officers who got hurt in the collision were transported to the Massachusetts General Hospital. The driver of the purple Impala who was also injured in the incident was also taken to the hospital. He however said that he was not aware of the hospital in which the driver of the Impala was admitted. Officer James further maintained that the injuries of the three casualties did not seem fatal.

Kenneally also stated that there were no prisoners in the transport vehicle. A third car, though minimally, was also involved in the Monday crush. Fortunately, the car did not sustain severe damages.

The time of the accident, as stated by the Boston police spokesman was at about 7:45 p.m. The two vehicles, the Impala and the police transport vehicle that were locked head-to-head at the spot of the crash close to Boston and Harvest streets stayed in the same position for a period of about one hour.

The impala was pointed Northbound while the collision took place in a Southbound traffic lane.

Kenneally said, “Preliminary information indicates that the civilian operator may have caused the accident when [he or she] crossed over the yellow line.”

57-year-old Theresa Davis who lives close by said that she saw about 10 to 15 vehicles from State Police, Boston Police and not less than another department react to the crash. She also says that there were about 8 or 9 ambulances at the scene.



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