Hit and Run case; the quoted saying, “Accidents Happen”.

Is it that simple to hit the person on the road and get away merely saying that Accidents happen? Exactly this is what Phocian Fitts, 23, thinks. He was giving an interview to the local news channel when he made the statement. Though it is shocking yet he is not moved by the act committed by him. His only defense is that it was not an intentional act. But hardly do people commit such incidents on the road intentionally. Thus his statement completely falls short to convince the police.

On 6th June, 2018, his vehicle caused the death of the 80 year old retired art teacher named ted Schwalb. The WXFT reporter interviewed the accused after he was released by the police due to lack of evidence of committing the crime. The accident happened in Commonwealth Ave Crosswalk and the accused was not at all apologetic. The footage also reveals that he was driving at high speed and listening to music as also claimed by the accused. The light was green and the man was walking down the road. Fits honked but everything happened to fast and either he would have killed himself or hit the pole which came down instantly.

Fits further adds that he is not guilty, though he is a gangster but with a positive streak. He helped the community and the youth. The CCTV footage also reveals that the speeding car had no other car near it. But Fitts still claims that he is not guilty of leaving the accident site.

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