Logan Airport ranked as the 7th worst airport for cancellations during the summers season

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BostonAirportTaxiCab has found through its sources the daily diminishing quality of airlines after the lifting of pandemic restrictions in flights. Recent news is that Logan airport has been listed among the worst airports of the USA at 7th rank.

Flight tracking site FlightAware examined data from the top airports in the country. Logan was ranked eighth with 3.6% of summer flight cancellations.

Boston Airport Taxi Cab faced some cancellations because of these flight cancellations. However, we understand the pain of the traveler and we have issued full refunds to those who have intimated us at least before 1 hour.

The Top 10 includes many airports in Florida and New York, with Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey being the worst for delays. Nearly 8 percent of Newark’s flights have been canceled since May 28, and over 7% of LaGuardia flights have been canceled. JFK is the other major New York airport. 9.

As the number of passengers flying to and from airports reaches a pandemic-era peak, there are increasing disruptions.

These are the top US airports that have the highest summer cancellations, with a percentage of canceled flights:

  1. Newark Liberty International Airport: 7.9%
  2. LaGuardia Airport: 7.4%
  3. Reagan National Airport: 5.4%
  4. Raleigh-Durham International Airport: 4.3%
  5. Airport Cleveland Hopkins International Airport: 3.7%
  6. Pittsburgh International Airport: 3.7%
  7. Philadelphia International Airport: 3.6%
  8. Boston Logan International Airport: 3.6%
  9. John F. Kennedy International Airport: 3.5%
  10. Charlotte Douglas International Airport: 3.4%

The Airport authority explains the surge in demand and staff shortage as the reason for most cancellations and delays during the months of May and June. Since domestic travel restrictions put in place during the pandemic have been lifted, airlines have been having a tough time keeping up as more people return to the skies.

This was FlightAware’s list of the top 10 US airports for percentages of flights delayed (May 25 through July 13):

  1. Chicago Midway International Airport: 36.1 percent of flights delayed
  2. Orlando International Airport: 32.7 percent
  3. John F. Kennedy International Airport: 30.2 percent
  4. Newark Liberty International Airport: 29.9 percent
  5. Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport: 29.7 percent
  6. Charlotte Douglas International Airport: 27.9 percent
  7. Miami International Airport: 27.7 percent
  8. Harry Reid International Airport: 27.1 percent
  9. Denver International Airport: 27 percent
  10. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport: 26.8 percent

One of BostonAirportTaxiCab customer reported “It’s hard to return to your pre-pandemic lifestyle when you can travel as conveniently as before. I hope these delays don’t happen anymore.”

This has caused a lot of discomfort to passengers to Logan Airport. If such trends continue it may lead to a downfall in footfall at Boston Airport. This is cause of worry for most taxi drivers like BostonAirportTaxicab.com

Image Credits- Logan International Airport

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