Weekend Trip to Charlemont, Massachusetts

Charlemont is a pleasant place with great views and numerous adventure activities to make your trip amazing. You can take Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours that emphasize the educational aspect as their guides describe the local foliage and fauna.Zipline canopy tours offer a different perspective on Charlemont and vistos can also enjoy Whitewater kayaking on Charlemont’s Deerfield river. The Historic Bissell Bridge offers breathtaking views to the tourists who come here in search of peace and beauty. For those who love Mountain biking,Charlemont Trails is a perfect place to enjoy the activity.

Distance:Two hours

Destination Type: Small Town

Attractions: Bissell Covered Bridge, Deerfield River, Hawley Bog, Charlemont Federated Church

Activities: Crab Apple Whitewater, Berkshire East Canopy Tours, Zoar Outdoor/Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours, Berkshire Whitewater, Berkshire East Ski Resort, Mohawk Trail State Forest

Being a small town, Charlemont has a very small population which makes it a calm and peaceful place for you to enjoy some time in solace and solitude. The town is great for families who love to take a weekend picnic break away from the hustle bustle of the city.


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While there are not too many monuments and attractions in the area, nature and natural sceneries remain the most pleasant sights to soothe eyes and soul. If you wonder what you are going to do in the twon in the absence of monuments then be informed that there are plenty of spots for adventure lovers. You can enjoy white water rafting, mountain biking, nature walks and several other activitiesto make your trip more entertaining and memorable.

Usually it takes around two hours to reach Charlemont but if you travel by a car you can easily cover the distance within an hour. As for the facilities and accommodations, there are plenty of options. Charlemont is also home to the Mohawk Trail concerts held in the acoustically perfect Charlemont Federated Church and the bronze statue “Hail To The Sunrise”. Facing east, this memorial to the Mohawk Indian looks across the Deerfield River with uplifted arms in supplication to the Great Spirit.The Deerfield River is very popular with sports and adventure enthusiasts. Fishing,kyaking, tubing, rafting, and summer picnics are all common sites through the spring, summer and fall months.

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